Sunday, September 06, 2015

Four reasons I think Airship Q for Vita looks absolutely fabulous

In my last post, I introduced at least a few of you to an upcoming Vita--and, at some yet-to-be-determined date, PS4--game known as Airship Q.

This adorable title is being billed by its makers as a "sandbox action RPG" that's supposed to bring to mind such popular releases as Minecraft and Terraria.

If that doesn't mean much to you (or even if it does), I'd highly recommend watching the teaser trailer that's now available for your viewing pleasure at

Aside from that, what are the aspects of Airship Q that have me chomping at the bit to pick up a copy as soon as I'm able? I thought you'd never ask. Here are the first few that come to mind:

1. Its box art is wonderful--This should be a well-known fact to those of you who scrolled through my most recent post (about three recent examples of especially fabulous Vita cover art). If you failed to check out that write-up, you could do worse than give it a glance now.

2. It has a feline protagonist--Seriously, how many games do we ever get to play that star a cat? Not many. Even if every other game featured these whiskery mammals, though, the one included in Airship Q is so darn cute that it still would make this title worth the price of admission. (Which, by the way, will be 2,500 yen--about $21--for retail copies and 2,000 yen for digital ones upon release in Japan.)

3. It allows players to create their own airships--Under normal circumstances, this would only moderately pique my interest, I've got to say. After seeing the dragon-shaped craft in Airship Q's trailer, though, I'm 100 percent stoked to make something similar once I finally get my hands on the game. Actually, maybe I'll make something completely different. A Kirby-inspired vessel would be cool, don't you think? Another possibility: one of the ships from my all-time favorite shmup series, Parodius.

4. It simply looks like a lot of fun--Granted, I have little to no experience with Minecraft, Terraria or any of the games that have ripped off those chart-toppers, so maybe Airship Q--the Vita iteration of which is set to hit Japanese store shelves on Nov. 19--won't prove to be as fun as I'm currently imagining it will be. I'm pretty confident it'll at least mostly live up to the hype, though, so look for me to buy some version or other of this title sooner rather than later.

Are any of you going to keep an eye on Airship Q now that you know about its existence?


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