Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thanks to this trailer, I've now got my eye on the 'sci-fi romance adventure' Alone With You

You'd think that I'd be interested in Alone With You simply because it's being made by Benjamin Rivers, who also brought the world the highly acclaimed Home: A Unique Horror Adventure in 2012.

The thing is, I've yet to actually play any version of Home. In fact, I barely know a thing about it--other than a lot of people who have experienced it seem to have enjoyed it.

Of course, I also don't know a whole lot about Alone With You--other than it's a "single-player, sci-fi adventure game" that has a "pretty unique romance element." Oh, and that it'll be released for PS4 and Vita this coming spring.

The quoted portions of the above are from a recently published PlayStation.Blog post written by Rivers. Here are a few more of Rivers' words about the game:

"You’ll trek through beautiful, varied areas--which include a series of communication towers, the dilapidated Colony B, the workspaces and staff quarters of the facility’s agricultural operation, and the various components of the planet’s mining and processing centres. As you do so, you’ll be in constant communication with the AI, who acts as your lifeline and your tour guide. It’ll give you info on all the things and places you find, but it’ll also speak to you--asking you questions and responding to your answers. And if you’ve ever played Home, you’ll know: sometimes even the smallest decision can have unexpected consequences."

Are any of you fine folks looking forward to Alone With You's release as much as I am at the moment? If so, why? Also, have you played Home, and if so, what did you think about it?

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