Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy 4th anniversary, Vita!

I've got to admit: when Sony first announced it was prepping a follow-up to the PSP, I wasn't all that interested.

Which is strange, as I loved--and continue to love--the company's first handheld system to death. At the time, though, the 3DS (as well as the DS and the PSP) had a virtual monopoly on my gaming attention span.

Because of that, the poor Vita basically avoided pinging my radar in any kind of meaningful way until a year or two after its release.

Speaking of which, the Vita's Japanese launch took place four years ago yesterday. (It didn't hit North American store shelves until two months later, on Feb. 15, while other regions had to wait until Feb 22.)

That's an anniversary well worth celebrating, wouldn't you agree?

Assuming you feel the Vita's existence is one that should be honored, why do you think that is? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, if you've got the interest and the time.

On a related note, you might enjoy reading this previously published post of mine, which includes a few words about as well as a few photos of the pink-and-white Vita system I acquired earlier this year.

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