Friday, December 04, 2015

I don't know how 'new' it looks or sounds, but I'm still pretty darn interested in Danganronpa V3

Granted, the sentiments expressed above are coming from the mouth of a guy who's only put a few hours into the first Danganronpa game thus far.

So, for all I know, the footage (found in the trailer below) of the in-the-works third Danganronpa title, which apparently will be called New Danganronpa V3: A New Semester for Everyone's Killing Life in its home country, is quite a departure from its predecessors.

Speaking of my unfortunate lack of experience with the initial pair of Danganronpa games, keep that in mind while you consider whether or not to check out the following video. I have no idea if does or doesn't contain spoilers, so view it at your own risk.

With that out of the way, what do those of you who actually watched it think of it? Are you excited? Are you feeling wary? Are you experiencing some other emotion or emotions altogether?

Share your answers to those questions in the comments section below when you've got a second to spare. Oh, and also let me know if you think there's anything "new" to New Danganronpa V3 based on what you saw in the trailer above.

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