Saturday, December 05, 2015

This better mean Nintendo's planning to release a 'Machoke Movers' 3DS menu theme tout de suite

Just over a year ago (or just under a year ago, if you don't own a Japanese 3DS), Nintendo dropped a 3DS menu theme that changed lives from one side of the globe to the other.

I'm talking about this Slowpoke-centric theme, of course.

OK, so it only changed my life. Still, that's pretty impressive considering the life-changer in question is a lousy home menu theme.

Anyway, as mind-blowing as that Slowpoke theme was and continues to be, I'm pretty sure a similar creation based on the following Japanese commercial would be even more so.

Seriously, who would use anything other than a "Machoke Movers" 3DS menu theme if such a concoction were released?

I'm going to guess next to no one.

So, please make this happen, Nintendo and Pokémon Company. And make it happen soon.


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