Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Nice Package! (Hitsuji no Kimochi, GameBoy Advance)

Would you believe I bought this game, known as Sheep outside of Japan, without knowing a thing about it (other than it was made and published by Capcom and sported a precious cover illustration) a couple of years ago?

Actually, if you've been following me here--or on Facebook or Flickr or Twitter--for any length of time, you probably would believe it.

You'd also probably understand why I purchased it. I mean, just look at its packaging:

Very likely the most adorable thing you've seen all day, right? Perhaps even the most adorable thing you've seen all week or month or year.

Hitsuji no Kimochi's cartridge label (below) is pretty cute, too, if you ask me.

Does the interior of this Japanese GameBoy Advance title's instruction manual follow in the charming footsteps of its cart label and outer box? Yes, in a way--as this next photo shows:

Like most GBA manuals, though, it's a bit too wordy for its own good--or at least that's my opinion of the matter.

Or maybe I should say it doesn't have enough illustrations to compensate for all of the text it throws at readers.  

Oh, well. Every other aspect of Hitsuji no Kimochi's packaging is so swoon-worthy is easy enough to overlook the fact that its instruction manual is a bit disappointing.

Hell, the sheep-branded box flaps (see above) alone would be enough for me to get over that so-called disappointment.

If only I could assure you that Hitsuji no Kimochi's in-game graphics or gameplay are as delightful as the rest of it. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly (am I right?), I've yet to play the damn thing, so I can't do that.

Have any of you played it--or any other version of the game? (Apparently it was released for the original PlayStation, PC and Mac as well as the GameBoy Advance.) If so, what do you think of it?

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