Saturday, April 09, 2016

This new ad for Star Fox Zero almost is enough to renew my interest in the Star Fox series

Sorry, I'm wasn't trying to be a dick when I came up with the headline above. The fact is, though, I haven't been all that interested in Star Fox series since I played through its Nintendo 64 installment.

I've wanted to be interested in it, though, I swear. I even contemplated picking up the DS iteration before hearing it wasn't worth the price of admission.

Does that mean I'd buy a copy of Star Fox Zero if it intrigued me more than it currently does? Probably not, but that's mainly because I don't own a Wii U system at the moment.

How about all of you? Do any of you find this upcoming release appealing enough to want to add it to your collection? If so, what is it about the game that has you feeling this way?

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