Monday, October 31, 2016

Six North American and Japanese Vita games I may buy (and play) later in 2016 or as soon as possible in 2017

In my last post, I chatted about eight North American and Japanese Vita games I'm going to do everything I can to buy and play between now and, say, this time next year.

I'd also like the buy and play the ones mentioned in this write-up, but I'm far less likely to do so--and for a slew of different reasons (which change from game to game).

Keep reading to find out which titles I'm talking about here and why I'm not 100 percent sure I'll purchase them in the next six or eight months.

Alone With You--Although I've been curious about this game since it was first announced, I've cooled on it since reading some mighty negative reviews of it on line. Still, I can't help but want to see for myself if all the criticism is warranted, as I really like its art style and I also like the idea of supporting creative indie developers.

Caligula--And here's another game I started out wanting, only to find myself wanting it less and less as I came across more and more negative impressions of it on NeoGAF, Twitter and elsewhere. Given that, I have a feeling this is the least likely of all the Vita games discussed in this particular post to find its way into my collection.

SaGa: Scarlet Grace--In what world is a new SaGa game (or even a new game clearly inspired by Square Enix's SaGa series, like The Alliance Alive) only a possible pick-up for me? In a world where pretty much every second of gameplay footage released for the new SaGa game makes it look like a complete mess at best. Seriously, while the first Scarlet Grace screenshots suggested the title would be a serious return to form for creator Akitoshi Kawazu, seeing it in action prompted a change of heart that now has me assuming the opposite. I may buy a copy of it anyway, though, simply because I love SaGa and can't imagine ignoring one of its too-rare entries.

Steins;Gate 0--I've heard only great things about the Steins;Gate franchise. In fact, all of that positive chatter is what pushed me to buy the first Steins;Gate Vita game after it hit store shelves in my neck of the woods last year. So why am I not itching to purchase this precursor, too? Because I've yet to even open the aforementioned copy of the original. It's still in the running to be picked up sometime late this year or early next, though, because I'm worried that once I finally play Steins;Gate I'll wish I could follow it up with Steins;Gate 0.

Tokyo Xanadu--Full disclosure: I have very little experience with Nihon Falcom-made games. In fact, I'm pretty sure Ys I & II and Ys III are the only ones I've played to date. I'd like to change that by picking up this highly regarded action RPG--which supposedly feels a lot like the modern Ys titles, actually. The question is: when will Aksys Games bring it to our shores? All that's known about Tokyo Xanadu's North American release at the moment is it'll hit store shelves here sometime in 2017.

Yomawari--As is the case with The Longest 5 Minutes, which I mentioned in my last postI already own the Japanese version of this game. I'm contemplating getting the just-released North American version as well, though, because I'd really like to understand everything when I finally play through it. Or maybe I should just use this as an opportunity to improve my Japanese language skills?

Are any of you also looking to buy and play one or more of these North American or Japanese Vita games in the coming months? If so, which ones? Let me know in the comments section that follows.

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