Monday, October 10, 2016

Attention regular folk: you can now buy Keita Takahashi's cute-as-hell ALPHABET

I was more than a bit bummed when I failed to back (via Kickstarter, naturally) the LA Game Space earlier this year and as a result missed out on obtaining a copy of Keita Takahashi's and Adam Saltsman's Alphabet.

For a $15 donation, backers gained access to the above-mentioned curiosity as well as something like 30 other indie titles.

That was nice and all, but the only one of those rewards that really appealed to me was Alphabet. I guess that goes a long way toward explaining why I didn't hand over any money in the end--despite the fact that the game offers players the chance to "run, jump, eat, sing, poop and sleep through silly obstacle courses."

Still, whenever Alphabet pops up in online conversations, I think, damn, I'd really like to play that game someday. Well, someday could be today, if I'd like it to be. That's because regular folk like you and I can now buy it and four other titles from for--you guessed it--$15.

Considering doing the same but not yet ready to sign in to your PayPal account or dig your credit card out of your wallet? Check out my friend Anne's entertaining playthrough of Alphabet. It should help you reach some sort of consensus on the matter.

Should you follow through with the purchase, come back here and let me know what you think of the game--especially if you figure it to be another Katamari Damacy.

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