Saturday, February 03, 2007

Miss Manners on the DS?

One of my favorite gaming sites, The Magic Box, just included a little update on a game I'd love to see translated for American release: My Happy Manners Book.

The game--which, as is implied in the title, teaches the ladies how to properly carry themselves in social situations--will be released (in Japan, natch) on April 5 by Square-Enix (it was developed by Taito, I believe).

I seriously doubt it will be brought over here, of course, as I'm probably the only one who would buy it. Not that I'd like to improve my manners any (excuse me while I belch), but I always like to support completely off-the-wall gaming ventures, and I really dig the graphical stylings the game's artists are trying to pull off.

Oh well, at least we got Cooking Mama.

If you're interested, here's a scan from a recent issue of the fab Japanese gaming mag, Famitsu, with a few more images of the game:

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