Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh, DS, how I've dreamed of you...

I know I'm a complete dolt for admitting this, but I have yet to buy a DS. I was one of the few who thought the idea was cool from the outset, but obstacles were thrown in my way that kept me from buying one when they were first released.

This past Thanksgiving I came to my senses. I'm not sure why--I think a few games were announced that really caught my eye--but that really isn't important, is it? Fact is, I wanted one, and Thanksgiving wasn't exactly the best time to be in that predicament.

I've been looking for one ever since: In the stores (Target, Best Buy, GameStop--even the ghastly Wal-Mart), on line--anywhere and everywhere that sells games (and even some that don't). No luck. I nearly got one on Wal-Mart's website a few weeks back, but when I went to check out I was informed I had missed my chance and they were once again sold out.

Well, today, just on a whim, I decided to check out again. And guess what? I got one! Sure, I had to buy a black one (I wanted a white one), and I had to buy a package deal, but who cares? It's on its way!

I already have two games waiting patiently to be played in my beautiful new portable system: Animal Crossing Wild World and Final Fantasy III. They will be joined by the pair I bought as part of the package deal: Super Princess Peach and Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. I could have bought Mario Kart DS instead of one of them, but even though I love MK, I find I don't play racers for very long (RPGs and platformers, on the other hand, are just my style).

So, in a week or so I'll join the rest of the modern world in having a DS. Yay for me.

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