Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Celebrity Miis invade Japan

Nintendo sure does like to surprise us Wii owners. Quite a few of the Wii Channels have been revealed to gamers without much notice--the latest example being the hand-scratching Everybody Votes channel.

Hot on the heels of the big N's GDC announcement that another new channel will be coming our way soon, a new commercial airing in the Land of the Rising Sun has let it slip that a slew of celebrity-endorsed Miis soon will be available for download.

Comedian and TV personality Akashiya Sanma and former tennis player Shuuzou Matsuoka are the first two celebrities to be given the Mii treatment in Japan. Both will be sent to players connected to Japan's WiiConnect24 service soon. No word if others will follow suit, but it's a pretty good bet it will happen.

I wonder which celebrities will be cloned here in the States?

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