Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is Sony retooling the PSP?

Rumors have been flying for some time that Sony is going to follow in Nintendo's footsteps and offer up and retooled (smaller, lighter, sexier) version of its PSP portable system. Although Sony has thus far denied anything of the sort is on the drawing board, a recent comment from the head of the company's UK subsidiary has fans assuming the makeover will come sooner rather than later.

Ray Maguire let the comment slip during a Q&A at the launch of Sony's PSP in Education, a new project that hopes to put Sony consoles into the classroom. When asked if there are any plans to change the PSP's somewhat bulky, heavy current form, Maguire said that "in light of the company's previous redesigns of both the PSone and PS2, it was certainly possible that Sony would make a more streamlined PSP."

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