Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hajime no Ippo: A Nintendo Knockout?

Here's a little something I haven't admitted until today: I've never played the boxing portion of Wii Sports. Oh, I've put in plenty of time on the game's other offerings (tennis, bowling, baseball and golf), but have yet to try boxing. I guess I've just read so many ho-hum reviews of it that I decided it wasn't worth my time. I'm also just not a big fan of the sport.

That said, I've been intrigued by Nintendo's full-fledged boxing game for the Wii, Hajime no Ippo, for some time. I'm not sure why--it's probably due to the anime-inspired visuals. Although early word on the street hasn't been much more positive than Nintendo's earlier entrance into the boxing ring, I've held out hope that Nintendo would localize it for the U.S. market so I could give it a go.

I doubt that's going to happen, so in the meantime all I (and you) can do is sit down and watch this latest video of the game in action. In my opinion it looks even better in motion than it did in stills.

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