Friday, March 19, 2010

8-bit Cecil, Kain, Rosa and Rydia

I've got Final Fantasy IV on the brain these days, what with the original version of the game hitting the Wii Virtual Console earlier this week and with me (finally) downloading the last few chapters of the WiiWare sequel late last week.

I guess that explains why this eBay listing caught my attention this morning. In case you're feeling lazy: The listing is for a "Chinese original" Famicom version of Final Fantasy IV. "Chinese original" obviously means it's a fan-made bootleg (much like the Famicom "port" of Final Fantasy VII that was released in 2005), which isn't a surprise since the game was never officially ported to or released for the Famicom.

That said, I'd pick this up in a heartbeat if I had a Famicom--despite the language barrier (it uses Simplified Chinese text, whatever that means).


Viewtiful_Justin said...

How is it different? I mean...other than the language?

Bryan Ochalla said...

I have a feeling it's the same game -- just with 8-bit graphics instead of 16-bit graphics. The FF VII "port" probably is more interesting, as a result.