Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mario rocks out (ba dum tish) in new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer

The folks over at just made my morning by posting a fresh, new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2. (Watch it here.)

The trailer focuses on the title's numerous (new and old) power-ups, so if you'd like to remain blissfully unaware of such things until Super Mario Galaxy 2 hits store shelves later this spring (May 23 in North America) don't click on the link above (and, er, don't look at the image below).

By the way, is still offering a $20 video games credit to those who preorder the title. Here's a link to the online retailer's Super Mario Galaxy 2 page.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'm there. I'd work at McDonald's to be able to afford this game. :-P

Seriously, though...AMAZING STUFF. Thanks for sharing!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Sometimes I feel the same way, Justin. Oh, and you're most welcome :)