Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Super Mario Sushi's "tee of the day" (which features the image below) was created by a game-loving Australian artist who goes by the name thickblackoutline.

It's awfully cute, don't you think? Well, except for the Frog Suit Mario Nigiri. That kind of grosses me out.

Anyway, if you like this t-shirt enough to buy it, get your butt over to pronto--as "Super Mario Sushi" will be pulled from the site at the end of the day.

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Viewtiful_Justin said...

Hooray for tax returns. I just bought one of these. I shouldn't have...but I did.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ha ha! I love it :) You know what you have to do now: When you get it, you have to take a photo of yourself modeling it!

Viewtiful_Justin said...

Heck yes!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Send the photo to me and I'll post it here :)