Friday, November 19, 2010

Recent additions to my blogroll

I added three more sites to my blogroll today (see "other great sites for gay gamers" along the right side of the screen) and thought I should mention them here so they aren't completely overlooked.

The Border House--This blog, headed up by social-game producer Tami Baribeau, "celebrates diversity in gaming from a wide variety of cultural angles." For instance, it aims to be a friendly, welcoming space for LGBT folk, people of color, people with disabilities, women and "any other marginalized group"--as well as their allies.

Radiator Design Band--This blog features the musings of Robert Yang, an MFA student studying design and technology at Parsons, The New School for Design. If Yang's name sounds familiar, it's probably because he made headlines last year for his Half-Life 2 mod series, “Radiator,” which deals with (so-called) gay marriage and divorce.

Vorpal Bunny Ranch--Denis Farr, the guy behind this particular blog, also writes for and, surprise, the above-mentioned Border House. Interestingly, his and Baribeau's blogs have similar raisons d'être, with Vorpal Bunny Ranch focusing on video games as well as "gender, sexuality, race, and all those other parts of intertextuality."

Be sure to check them out when you have a few minutes (or hours, if you're like me). Also, feel free to let me know of your favorite gaming (gay or not) blogs or sites.


Viewtiful_Justin said...

I just checked out Vorpal Bunny Ranch, and his newest post is about Quest for Glory, the old Sierra point-and-click/rpg game. Oh man! That's a sign, as far as I'm concerned. No one even KNOWS about those games in my world, let alone TALKS ABOUT THEM!

Thanks for sharing!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear that! I probably should highlight other entries on my blogroll now and then...