Thursday, November 18, 2010

Super Mario Extravaganza!

According to the most recent "Iwata Asks" interviews (part one can be read here, while part two can be read here), that's what the developers responsible for Super Mario All-Stars--Super Mario Collection in Japan--first called their 16-bit Mario anthology.

It's really too bad they didn't stick with Super Mario Extravaganza! (Note: I took it upon myself to add an exclamation point to the end of the title.)

I mean, they could have promoted it with commercials showing Mario and his cohorts doing jazz hands while the athletic theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 played in the background. Can you imagine anything cooler than that? I sure can't.



Viewtiful_Justin said...

I'm definitely with you on this one!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Thanks, Justin!

If I were a better artist, I'd totally come up with cover art for Super Mario Extravaganza!