Monday, October 17, 2011

'Open up a beer and you say get over here and play a video game'

When I first read that a girl named Lana Del Rey was earning rave reviews for a song called "Video Games," I expected said song to be both a lyrical and sonic throwback to the 1980s.

I didn't expect the song to sound like something Fiona Apple would write and release.

That's not a complaint, by the way. I quite like Lana's Marina and the Diamonds-esque delivery. I'm also fond of her tune's dirge-like quality.

All that said, I wouldn't mind hearing a blippy, chippy remix of "Video Games" that brings the song more in line with my early expectations.


Darwin said...

Love it. But yeah, doesn't really have much to do with video games aside from the title.

Have you seen/heard "player 2 press start"

And his latest, "the world is saved".

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, naming the song 'Video Games' seems a bit like a ploy for attention, although I'm not sure it attracts the folks her song should attract, TBH.

As for those other songs you pointed out: I like them! 'Player 2 Press Start' especially :)

Gerard said...

I was quite keen on her 'til I read how her entire gimmick is the product of a record company, agents and the usual ilk. She admits it freely. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with the corporate appraoch I feel. I just find the presentation and marketing of her to be quite cynical given its origins. I'm still a fan, just a bit jaded.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Ah, I hadn't heard that, Jyr. That's definitely a bit disappointing, if true -- although not completely unexpected these days. Still, she has an interesting voice. Maybe if she finds success with this single/album she'll become more comfortable with being herself and putting that out there for the world to see and hear.

Ash said...

This song is totally going on my next 2 disc mix cd comp.

I really like her Dusty Springfield/Bobbie Gentry look, and I had not thought of "dirge-like" to describe the song but you are quite astute in that description. Having seen quite a few relationships (not my own) suffer from excessive gaming as opposed to cuddling, I was quite impressed with the approach of this song to such a modern problem.

It kinda sucks that this time around it's more of a product/corporate package, but she's got a lovely voice so hopefully we'll hear more from her quantitatively as well as artistically.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Ash! Glad to hear you like this song, too :)

I love the comparison to Dusty, by the way -- hadn't thought of that! Also, yes, I like the modern approach of the song, too.

I wonder if she wrote it? If so, her corporate ties, etc., would worry me a lot less, as it shows there's more to her than a pretty face and voice.

Bryan Ochalla said...

Well, just did some research RE: "Video Games" -- Del Rey (stage name) is one of two people credited with writing the song. So, good for her! :)

Gerard said...

There's comparisons to be drawn between Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey, in a positive way. I mean, the both had relatively mediocre success before collaborating with big business and poppier artists to yield something special. In Winehouse's case, so successful to the point she dictated the direction of popular music for a decade.

Just to add to my previous post above, that a more big business approach doesn't necessarily impact an artist for the worse.

Mind, Del Rey's marketing was slightly more suspect, as she was packaged to be everyone's favourite underground artist, indeed, a living oxymoron. Thus, the process was slightly sinister in tone, getting company reps to blog her into relevance, to dripping her youtube clips in various popular chatrooms et al. If anything, it stands a prime example of the conglomerates learning how to finally manipulate the blogosphere into creating a star.

Gerard said...

Oh, and for any of you feeling slightly for not getting enough video-game related pop-music awesomeness, 8 Bit Duane does the Mushroom Kingdom:

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hello again, Jyr! Wow, that's quite a story -- esp. the part about her company's reps blogging about her, posting youtube clips in popular chatrooms, etc. Although I guess it's to be expected "in this day and age," it's still disappointing. It'll certainly be interesting to see what happens to her career after all of this.

Viewtiful_Justin said...

This song is so pretty and sad. I love it.

Bryan, have you heard of BrentalFloss? Look him up on YouTube for ANY of his "With Lyrics" videos. So great!

And for something sweet and cute, try this random video I found years ago:

Bryan Ochalla said...

Hey there, Justin! Oh, yeah, I've definitely heard of BrentalFloss. I don't think I've heard any of this stuff in a while, though. I think the last thing I listened to (of his) had to do with Mega Man :)

Oh, and I've listened to that Mario Kart Love Song before, too. Still, thanks for reminding me (and others) of it -- I haven't heard it in a looooooooong time!