Friday, December 21, 2012

Mimi's Adventures in Miminton, Part 3

Let it be known that winter is my, er, Mimi's favorite season. Why? Snow, of course.

As such, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say Dec. 10 was, thus far, one of the best days of 2013 for ol' Mimi--since that's when Miminton finally found itself blanketed with the stuff that's scientifically known as flakes of crystalline water ice.

As you'd expect, Mimi made the most of her hometown's first wintry day. After wildly racing around for a bit and sliding head-first into the sign in the screenshot below (hence Mimi's more-buggy-than-usual eyes), though, she settled down and returned to her favorite of her daily chores: that being the digging up of bells, fossils and gyroids.

Speaking of the digging up of bells: Mimi really hit the jackpot on Miminton's first official day of winter. (Serious question: Have any of you dug up 30,000 bells before? I didn't even know it was possible before this occurrence.)

Her pal Mumu was pretty lucky that day, too--although her luck was a smidge less lucrative than Mimi's.

Anyway, enough about luck and money and all that jazz. We're supposed to be talking about Mimi and Momo and Mumu--OK, and sometimes Leelee, too (note to self: you have way too many Animal Crossing characters)--and their wonderful lives in Miminton, right?

Would you believe, though, that their lives aren't always wonderful? After all, as you've surely become aware of in previous posts, some of their non-human neighbors aren't the most welcoming. Take Octavian and his first words to Momo on the morning of Dec. 10 (or sometime around then):

The M trio keep him around, though, because he's got an awesome bachelor pad.

One neighbor each of them would happily get rid of, though, is Mathilda (see below), who is a snot of the first order.

New villager Twiggy (below) is itching to be added to their "run out of Miminton ASAP" list, too, although her spot in town is less precarious than creepy Mathilda's--thanks in large part to the fact that Twiggy's at least somewhat cute.

And then there's Freya, who will always be welcome in Miminton despite her rather surly attitude and strange obsession with saying "uff da."

That said, Mimi, Momo and Mumu all have their eyes on Freya's house. If I were Freya, I'd invest in a rearview mirror before I  spent much time taking in the magnificent view.

Speaking of folks with surly attitudes: Gracie recently, er, graced Miminton with her presence. As usual, every word that came out of her purple prehensile-tongued mouth was a backhanded compliment.

That said, Mimi couldn't help but giggle a bit at this one:

Another thing that causes Mimi and her girlfriends to giggle: the overt stupidity of the majority of their neighbors. Case in point: the following letter from Emerald the frog.

Please note that the letter that prompted this rant of a response consisted of just two words (with those being "hello" and "friend").

Thankfully, not all of Mimi's (and Momo's and Mumu's) pen pals are so dumb. Mimi's mom, for instance, is quite the storyteller, with the letter above being my, er, Mimi's favorite.

Stuff to look forward to in the next installment of "Mimi's Adventures in Miminton": A pot fiend moves into the 'hood, Mimi inappropriately touches Freya, Mumu and Leelee show off their letter-writing prowess and "Operation Get Mathilda To Move Out of Town" begins in earnest.

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Tom Badguy said...

What game is that? Animal Crossing, right? I can't remember. said...

Yep! I'm playing through it again in anticipation of the 3DS sequel and publishing a (hopefully) humorous 'diary' to go along with it :)

Justin Difazzio said...

Sweet. I was always eager to run folks out of town that were rude. Olivia the cat and Astrid the kangaroo were the WORST! said...

I only wish my tactics were more successful, Justin. Ignoring them doesn't seem to make much difference, nor does bopping them on the head with a bug net.

Also, I actually kind of like Olivia despite her bitchiness, but some of the others HAVE GOT TO GO. Mathilda the kangaroo, especially :|

yas said...

its funny cause "uff da" actualy means: oh no, that wasnt good, poor you