Saturday, July 06, 2013

Aino's (and Bryan's) Adventures in Animachi, Week Four

Last week was another noteworthy one for the residents of Animachi. Case in point: Mayor Aino found the village's first mushroom growing beside one of its many "special" tree stumps.

She also shot down its second golden slingshot. (Bryan nabbed the first a week earlier.)

As for Bryan, he was stoked to stumble upon the Able Sisters working away on the rainbow shirts that surely will be worn by Animachi's citizens during its upcoming gay pride festivities.

Speaking of gay stuff: Bryan paid a visit to Dunwich (of The Dunwich Hoarder fame) early in the week so he could spend some time ogling the muscle-boy signs that sit outside Mayor Terry's pad.

While there, he discovered that someone named Butch will soon move into town--and then made a mental note to return with "housewarming gifts" (let your imaginations run wild) as soon as that happens.

Bryan also make the trek to Mamemura, the village maintained by Anne of the Chic Pixel blog, last week.

It was a genuine thrill to see Mamemura's exotic locales, such as Club 444 (above) and the "Home Center" seen below.

Aside from the shopping spree, Anne, Bryan and Phil (the one with the clover in his hair) also sailed to Mamemura Island and went on a few tours together. Some ended in success, others ended in failure, but all were a blast.

Back in Animachi, Mayor Aino continued her quest to make the town perfectly beautiful and enjoyable--which of course meant that she completed as many public works projects as was humanly possible.

The biggest involved miraculously adding (overnight!) a second floor to the previously single-floored Animachi Museum. Aino's first order of business after its doors opened the following day: plopping down 10,000 bells to rent out one of its exhibition rooms so it could house all of the gyroids that have been filling her dresser drawers for the last four weeks.

Just as exciting (if not more so) for the citizens of Animachi was the highly anticipated grand opening of Club LOL.

Both Aino and Bryan have since become regular patrons, with Bryan booty bumpin' with Dr. Shrunk on opening night:

And Aino shaking a tail feather with her best bud, Barold, shortly after:

Animachi also celebrated the completion of a number of less-exciting public works projects last week, including the "park clock" that--shockingly--was placed near the entrance to Animachi Park.

A few steps away, three street lamps were erected as well--with the one below being the first.

Coming soon (as soon as Flo gets her butt out of town, that is): the sphinx that Rodney wisely suggested to Aino during one of their many impromptu chats.

Lest you should think Mayor Aino's life in Animachi is a boring one, filled with short ribbon-cutting-ceremony speeches and little else, here are three recently snapped screenshots that show just how non-boring her days (and nights) can be:

In case any of you are wondering: yes, that little black thing skittering about near the bottom of the screen is a tarantula (aka the most terrifying of Animachi's terrifying creatures).

The hairy little bugger didn't scare Aino, though--she just slowly followed it until it was cornered in the shadows of Flo's soon-to-be-demolished home ... and then pounced like the daring gal she is.

Not only that, but rather than hand it over to Blathers, Aino boxed it up and set it next to her bed so the rustling of its legs can woo her to sleep at night.

In less creepy news: Aino was pretty chuffed to find Rodney sitting on one of Animachi's many stumps the next morning. What was he doing there? Not a whole lot, apparently:

Still, it was nice to discover that the stump wasn't a completely useless addition to the landscape.

Anyway, that's the gist of what happened in Animachi this past week. What's been going on in your Animal Crossing: New Leaf burgh in the last few days? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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Zaphod65 said...

It's funny you mentioned Butch. He informed me today he thought he'd overstayed his welcome in Dunwich and is planning to move out on Wednesday. If you want a cute brown dog to move to Animachi, you should definitely visit and shower him with praise and gifts.

I thought of asking him to stay, but I'm still hoping to get a hamster as a resident. said...

Wait a second, Terry. Didn't Butch *just* move in? Damn, he's a fast mover. Even more reason to try to snatch him up.

Hmmm, maybe I'll see if you're on tomorrow or Monday and pay Dunwich a visit, if you're up for it.

Also, I really should have you try to snatch one of my hamsters away again at some point. Although both have grown on me considerably since they first arrived in town, I don't really need two hamsters in my town.

As for the rainbow pattern: do you think it's possibly not a coincidence that Sable has been working on it lately??

Zaphod65 said...

Butch did not waste time, it's true. I'll leave my gate open most of Sunday if you want to stop in and visit with him. said...

Will do, Terry! I'll be around later, I think. We'll see if I'm able to woo him away or not.

BTW, Flo moves out TOMORROW! I stopped by earlier to say "nyah nyah nyah" and "get to packing, beeyotch!" OK, so I'm not the most mature of New Leafers :)

Zaphod65 said...

Sounds good. I leave for work in a little bit and I'll open my gate when I get there. A 9-hour window of opportunity should be enough. lol said...

Thanks, Terry! Do you need me to bring you anything? Do you have bamboo, for instance? I just harvested some today. Or any particular fortune cookie items, perhaps?

Zaphod65 said...

I don't have bamboo. Totally forgot about it. If you want to bring some later, that's fine. said...

I definitely will. Should have brought it with me today, but I wanted to leave spots open in my inventory for anything I might pick up in your town.

I bought a few things from the shop, by the way--an Astro TV, a dolly, some wallpaper and carpet, I think. Anyway, if that's not OK, or if you wanted them, let me know and I'll bring them back with me when I bring the bamboo. (I just wanted to catalog them, really.)

I covet your perfect cherries, by the way! They're so ... scrumptious looking :)

Zaphod65 said...

Never worry about buying from my shops. I always look through the daily inventory and see if there's anything I want before I open the gates to others.

When you come back, feel free to take some of the perfect cherries. I have plenty. said...

Oh, that's nice to know. Thanks!

I've been looking for the Astro line of furniture in my town since I first became aware of it,, but I've yet to see it. So, I couldn't help but snatch up the TV in your shop :)

Thanks for letting me take a few perfect cherries, by the way! If ever (or WHENever) I get some perfect peaches, etc., I'll be sure to give some to you!

Justin Difazzio said...

I think I need to spend a day reading a wiki for this game...this stump weirdness has me bilked. From what I see, Bryan, your town looks amazing! Can't wait to see it at some point.

Justin Difazzio said...

And BTW, I've seen 2 tarantulas...and both have knocked me out. Lame. said...

Here's a really good overall (and online) guide I've been using, Justin:

And here's its page about stumps:

Basically, as you cut down trees, if you notice anything other than a bullseye pattern on the resulting stump you should consider leaving it be, as a variety of mushrooms can/will grow at the base of them over time.

Also, I think they're kind of nice decorative elements in my town -- although one in particular (the only one with a heart-shaped pattern on it--sigh) is at risk of being demolished because it's blocking a row of trees I want to finish planting... said...

Oh, and, YES, you have to visit my town sometime soon--or I have to visit yours. Also, we have to make each other 'Best Friends' so we can connect more easily in the future :) said...

Oh, that sucks :( Hopefully you catch one of those suckers soon!

Justin Difazzio said...

Yes yes yes. You have a permanent reserve spot on my best friends list. said...

Great! Let me know here or on Facebook or even on Twitter any days/times that will work for you and I'll make it happen!

Also, let me know if you need any fruit, bamboo, or fortune cookie items!

apricotsushi said...

I made an appearance! :D I'll have to go visit your town next time! said...

Of course you made any appearance! And, yes, you have to come to my town next time--and bring Shidoshi with you ;)