Thursday, May 01, 2014

Photographic proof that a guy can't own too many Madou Monogatari games

I'll bet some of you thought you were through with having to look at photos of old Madou Monogatari games. Well, you're not!

OK, so I guess you could direct your browser to another site right about now if you're absolutely sick of posts like this one (or this one, or this one), but I hope you won't.

Why? Because I think these games sport some really cool packaging, and manuals and cart art that are well worth perusing.

The Game Gear port of Madou Monogatari II (below) certainly checks all of the above-mentioned boxes, in my humble opinion.

This version of Madou Monogatari was released in 1994, by the way--about a year after the Game Gear port of Madou Monogatari I hit Japanese store shelves. 

As is the case with the other Madou Monogatari Game Gear titles I now own, Madou Monogatari II's manual is full of colorful and crazy illustrations. Even better, it also features a rather nicely drawn comic (a few panels of which can be seen in the photo above).

OK, so the cart label produced for this iteration of Madou Monogatari II isn't what I'd call stellar, but I still find it pretty appealing--thanks in large part to protagonist Arle's flowing mane and excited wink. Plus, I like the soft color palette that's employed here.

If I were to be honest, I'd admit that although I'm fond of Madou Monogatari II's packaging, manual and cart art, I much prefer the packaging, manuals and cart labels that were created for the three other Game Gear-based Madou Monogatari titles. 

I'll let you decide for yourself whether that's true or not in an upcoming post. First, though, I guess I'll have to share photos of Madou Monogatari III's Game Gear port, don't you think?

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