Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Nice Package! ('Noble Pink' Nintendo DS Lite)

Considering all of the love I've shown for the Nintendo DS over the years (especially this past year, as I've devoted an entire series of posts to it), you might think that I'd have a whole slew of systems that are dedicated to playing its wonderfully diverse catalog of games.

In fact, I've only ever owned or played a single DS system--that being the white DS Lite I semi-begrudgingly bought (I wasn't all that keen on Nintendo's first dual-screened handheld until I finally experienced it for myself) sometime in 2007 so I could play Animal Crossing: Wild World while traveling for work.

Although I've barely put any time into Wild World in the ensuing years, I’ve spent hours upon hours with the aforementioned DS Lite--which continues to chug along like I only pulled it from its box yesterday, I'm proud to say.

Still, as much as I love its sleek design and its diminutive size, I recently came to the conclusion that I’d love it even more if it were a bit more colorful. Specifically, I'd love it even more if it were a pretty shade of pink. Which initially struck me as kind of funny, as my mom has had a pink DS Lite for ages, and I never much cared for the particular hue that Nintendo chose for its casing.

For some odd reason, though, I recently had a change of heart that prompted me to see the "coral pink" DS Lite ("noble pink" in Japan) in a far more appealing light.

So, when I came across an eBay auction for a (mostly) complete-in-box "noble pink" DS Lite a month or so ago, I naturally couldn't keep myself from bidding on it.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I was able to win the auction in question with a bargain-basement bid (in my humble opinion) of $25.

As I alluded to earlier, the Japanese DS Lite I acquired as a result of this online shopping extravaganza can’t really be described as “complete in box.” Oh, a box was included, as you should be able to see in the photos shared throughout this post, and a pretty-in-noble-pink DS Lite system was included, too, but that’s about it. In other words, it didn’t come with an instruction manual or any of the pamphlets and fliers that Nintendo usually stuffed inside this product's packaging.

Of course, who in 2015 really needs an instruction manual for a DS Lite, especially one that’s totally, or at least mostly, in Japanese? Not me.

Even if I were the kind of guy who refused to buy anything but undeniably complete-in-box gaming products, though, I’d have shoved aside those irrational feelings in favor of picking up the lovely DS Lite shown in the snapshot above, as the hardware, in particular, is in pristine condition.

If I were to guess, I'd say the system's never been used. At the very least, its previous owner either has the softest skin ever or wore gloves while playing it, as the outer shell is free of the usual smudges and scuff marks. Also, he or she must've obsessively ignored the lower touch screen, as it has absolutely no scratches on it.

Is this beauty going to be my new go-to system for DS games? Sadly, probably not, but don't take that to mean it's going to sit in a cabinet, forever unused. I'll definitely pull it out and put it through its paces now and then, but for the most part I'll turn to my trusty OG 3DS when I want to play DS carts, as I love the more modern hardware's ability to track playtime.

Are any of you aficionados of the DS Lite's packaging--or, more likely, of the DS Lite itself? If so, let me (and others) know why in the comments section below.


Justin Difazzio said...

It's cute! I'm not shocked you went after it. I'm still waiting on them to release a pink WiiU. Wouldn't that be a scream?!

thegaygamer.com said...

Oh, that would be awesome, Justin! Of course, Nintendo doesn't seem interested in releasing anything but black or white Wii Us, do they? Hell, they never even released a pink Wii. Oh, well, at least they released pink OG DSes, DS Lites, DSis, DSi XLs, OG 3DSes and 3DS XLs, right? :)

TheGameroomBlitz said...

$25, eh? Not bad! That was how much my recently acquired PSP Go cost me, too. That price is a lot more agreeable than the $250 it cost when it first launched. Then again, a new PSP Go doesn't have big key gouges across the screen, either...

I'm thinking of getting another DS Lite. I never grooved with the DSi to be honest.

thegaygamer.com said...

Yep, just $25, Jess. A pretty good deal, if you ask me—especially given the superb condition of the system itself.

I’m surprised to hear you say you’re not a fan of the DSi, BTW. Have you ever actually used one? If so, why aren’t you much of a fan of it?

Granted, I’ve never used one myself, but I’ve always liked the design of them. I also really—and obviously—like the design of the DS Lite, though, so at the moment there’s no real reason for me to get a DSi (as its screen is only marginally larger than the DS Lite’s, as far as I’m aware).

I still want a DSi XL, though. I know most people probably consider that form of DS hardware to be obsolete, but, again, I like its design and I’ve always wanted to see how it handles DS games, so...

Anyway, enough about that. Has your PSPgo arrived yet? I can’t wait to hear all about it. Hopefully it works and is in good enough condition and all that jazz.

TheGameroomBlitz said...

Some folks like the design of the DSi, and I'll admit that the camera had come in handy once or twice before I had an Android phone. However, the loss of the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot and its firmware updates really hurt. I was gonna give my old DSi to my mother to replace the DS Phat I'd given her back in 2007-8, but without flash cart support it didn't really do her much good. Now she's using the old aqua blue 3DS someone had given me, while I've got a Smash Bros. 3DS XL.

And yes, I have spent some time with the DSi. Felt kind of stupid buying that stopgap when the 3DS came a couple of years later, but whatever.

I talk about the PSP Go briefly on my own blog, by the way. The Cliff Notes are that I do like it, but probably wouldn't be so appreciative of it if it had cost $250 rather than the $25 I paid. Also, it was in rather used shape when I received it. Scratches on the display, dirt lodged in the analog stick, the whole nine. It also had about twenty games already installed, but most were just not interesting to me so I did a clean sweep and started from scratch.

thegaygamer.com said...

I hear ya, Jess. I don't mind the loss of the GBA slot myself, but I can understand why some people wish it were still there. I guess I just like the DSi's design--although I wouldn't say I like it more than the DS Lite's. (I do like it more than the DS Phat's, although I even like that design when it comes down to it.)

As for your PSPgo, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't it the best condition when it arrived on your doorstep. Hopefully it's still plenty useable, though? Anyway, I'm going to go read your comments on it now, as I'm curious all the same :)