Sunday, July 26, 2015

Taito + Fez = Asterism?

OK, so I have no idea if the folks at Neutronized were at all inspired by Taito's highly recognizable style (see games like Bubble BobbleMizubaku Daibouken and The New Zealand Story) when they began working on Asterism's visuals, but it sure seems like that may have been the case.

At any rate, the game in question, which will be released for iOS at some future point in time, looks gorgeous.

Of course, that shouldn't be all that surprising to those of you who've experienced another Neutronized-made effort--the decidedly Parasol Stars-ish Drop Wizard, which hit the App Store earlier this year.

Unlike that earlier Neutronized product, however, Asterism seems like less of a Bubble Bobble clone than it does a Fez clone.

I've been assured there's more to Asterism than that, though. In fact, my contact at Neutronized suggests the game is "a sort of Metroidvania" that sees its protagonist regularly teleporting into parallel dimensions.

As if that didn't sound good enough, here's how the company's press department is promoting this intriguing upcoming release: "a game about stars, exploration and love."

With all of that said, who else is now chomping at the bit to add Asterism to the slew of apps on their iPads or iPhones?


Obscure Video Games said...

Looks cute, but I'm an Android user said...

Ah, yes, I can see how that could be a problem... (Here's hoping it's released for Android, too!)

TheGameroomBlitz said...

Same. Not sure why Apple continues to be so popular in a tide of cheaper Android products, but whatevs! said...

Well, I think Android's pretty popular, too, no? ;)

Neutronized said...

hey, thanks for featuring Asterism. I'm targeting iOS as main platform atm. Android and PC might follow up pretty easily ;)