Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A few more reasons to own a PSP

Well, I've said it before and now I'll say it again: My husband's going to kill me. Not because he's a homicidal maniac (not that I know of), but because I am once again pining for a new game system (the system in this case being the PSP).

The recently released Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure gave me the first shove in the direction of Sony's under-loved portable, then the remakes of Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea gave me another little push.

Today on I read that two more examples of RPG goodness will be showing up on the U.S. PSP scene soon enough: XSeed's Brave Story: New Traveler and Level 5's Jeanne D’Arc. The latter looks especially appealing, what with its cell-shaded graphics and Tactics-esque game play.

The next thing you know, Sony will start unleashing some monsters for the PS3--then I'll be in especially big trouble!

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