Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Katamari comes to the DS

OK, so that's a bit misleading. A more accurate headline would have been "Katamari clone comes to the DS." My bad :)

Anyway, the game in question (which is being developed by Koei) actually has a name: Prey the Stars. Strange name, I know, but the game's graphics and premise more than make up for the weird moniker.

Not much is known yet about the game's story (if there is one, of course), though information about how it plays has been making the rounds for some time. Players select one of four dogs and then move them around environments as they gobble up everything in sight. Like Katamari Damacy on the PS2, the dogs in Prey the Stars start out wolfing down small items (such as food and TVs) and eventually progress to bigger feasts (cars and buildings).

No idea why a dog would want to do any of this, but the screens that have been released thus far make it all look pretty fun. Speaking of which, IGN.com posted a bunch of great images of the game today--check them out here.

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