Thursday, March 29, 2007

Squeenix opens up about FF Tactics A2

It seems like we've been waiting an eternity for some real news about Square-Enix's 10,000th DS release of the year: Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Sure, we could all guess it would be an extension of FF Tactics Advance, but that can only take a guy so far.

Well, the company that made Cid a household name (at least in my house) has finally let loose a few screen shots and background information on the game in the current issue of Jump magazine (a Japanese gaming pub). The guys and gals at were kind enough to post a scan of said magazine, while the crew at translated some of the text and shared it with nerds like me (and you, I guess):

"Adel is a young girl who lives her life as a hunter. She's known amongst fellow hunters as 'Cat Adel.' Luso is a school boy who happens to hate ghosts. He's the type of boy who always gets into trouble with the teacher. These characters meet when they enter the strange world of Ivalice."

That's it, unfortunately. The screens look promising, at the very least. And maybe we'll learn more at Square-Enix's Final Fantasy-themed party set for May 12.

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