Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How do you do a triple toe loop with a stylus?

Figure Skating DS seems to be the game to chat about today. Not one to be left behind by the party, I followed a few links (from GoNintendo.com and GayGamer.net) and learned as much as one can without knowing a lick of Japanese.

Although I'm sure macho gamers will deride the game (produced by Spike) as being a piece of powder-puff fluff, I think it looks pretty good. Although it seems there's a lot of chattery relationship building (something those wacky Japanese seem to love), the sections that actually take place inside a skating rink appear spot on, with great graphics and intriguing use of the stylus.

The game's official website offers up lots of screen shots as well as what I can only guess is a TV spot depicting a bit of the game in action.

No word on whether this will come to the U.S., but I'm guessing someone will pick it up, if only to grab a chunk of that elusive "girl gaming community."

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