Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forget about the 3DS ...

... I'm more interested in Rhythm Tengoku Wii, which was announced alongside the aforementioned, forthcoming system (and a slew of 3DS games) during the Nintendo Conference 2010 held in Japan earlier today.

Unfortunately, all that is known about this latest Rhythm Tengoku (aka Rhythm Paradise in Europe and Rhythm Heaven in the States) title is that it will hit the streets in Japan sometime in 2011.

Three screenshots--including the one below--of this sure-fire hit (in Japan, at least) can be viewed here, while a smidge of gameplay footage can be seen at the tail end of this video.

Those of you who are more interested in the 3DS, which will be released in Japan on Feb. 26 with a ¥25,000 (about $300--ouch!) price tag, should check out this post and this post on as well as this "introduction trailer" and this software trailer.

Buy: Rhythm Heaven or Rhythm Paradise


Viewtiful_Justin said...

YAY! I hope it comes to us soon!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Me, too! And I hope it actually gets released outside of Japan. I'm not so sure Rhythm Heaven did all that well -- or as well as Nintendo of America wanted -- so my fingers are crossed.