Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey, a Ghostbusters game that doesn't suck!

Thanks to the Francophone folks at, I've finally found a Ghostbusters game that doesn't suck.

That's really kind of sad when you consider how many Ghostbusters games have been released since the film first hit the big screen in 1984.

So, which game is now the sole entry on my personal list of non-sucky Ghostbusters games? HAL Laboratory's rather obscure--and oddly named--New Ghostbusters II, released in Europe and Japan in 1990. (Actually, Sega's 16-bit Ghostbusters title, also released in 1990, was pretty good, too, so let's be generous and say my "non-sucky" list consists of two games.)

What do I like about this Famicom/NES title? I like its graphics, which remind me a bit of Mother/Earth- bound, for starters. (Which makes sense, as HAL Laboratory had a hand in making all three of the Mother games.) Also, I like its tight, arcade-y gameplay.

Unfortunately, the review at is in French, so unless you can understand that language it isn't going to do you much good if you want to know more about this game. Thankfully, it's been reviewed in English, too--here and here, for instance.

If reading isn't your thing--or if you'd rather just see the darn game in action--check out this YouTube playthrough of the title's first two (of six) levels.


sanjuro said...

Wow! Thanks for mentioning my site, I had completely missed this. I actually stumbled on this page from Google and not Twitter.

You have a lot of content, many interesting things to check out! :)

Bryan Ochalla said...

You're very welcome, sanjuro! Thanks for helping point me to this game -- and thanks, too, for your kind words about my blog :)