Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mimi's Adventures in Miminton, Part 2

So, here we are again. You remember Mimi and Miminton, right? If not, you may want to acquaint yourself with the first post in this series, which can be accessed here.

As I mentioned at the end of the aforementioned post, this one isn't going to focus on ol' Mimi. Instead, it's going to focus on her human compadres in Miminton.

Speaking of which, the purple-haired gal in the photo below is Mumu. She's not Mimi's sister, despite their similar names--or at least I don't think she's Mimi's sister. Anyway, her favorite thing is to spend her days (and nights) trying to catch as many Red Snappers as possible. Don't ask me why--apparently she's a bit obsessed with rosy-colored fish!

The doe-eyed gal in the following photo is Momo. Is it weird that three girls with similar names all moved into the same town? Yes, but we don't ask questions about stuff like that in Miminton, so no one knows why it happened or what it means. (You know, like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, etc.)

One thing's for sure: Momo is a bit of a snoop. Here she is spying on Freckles the duck as he heads to his semi-private toilet (upper-left corner).

She's also a chatterbox. Which is fine most of the time, but sometimes grumps like Octavian can't quite put up with it.

Ava here didn't mind Momo's blathering while she lived in Miminton (she's since moved somewhere else--and didn't leave a forwarding address). Of course, Ava's brain clearly is about as big as a grain of rice, so maybe we shouldn't consider her feelings too heavily.

Did I say Mimi only has two human neighbors in Miminton? While that's true, she has another neighbor in the nearby hamlet of Loompala. (Don't worry, I find the name a bit gag-worthy, too.)

The name of Mimi's Loompala-based lady friend: Leelee. She has luck coursing through her veins, apparently--as evidenced by the fact that she recently dug up a bag filled with 10,000 bells. (See photo above for proof.)

Unlike her goody-two-shoes friends, Leelee isn't above being a bit nefarious. As such, is it any surprise that Olivia's her BFF when she's kicking it in Loompala? (Actually, they're more than BFFs, if you get my drift, but they aren't yet ready to share the news with their neighbors--despite the fact that all of them know about the not-so-secret affair.)

Leelee also was a bit sweet on Bunnie, above, it should be noted. Not "in that way," mind you, but in more of a "you're pretty great for an orange rabbit" kind of way. Anyway, it doesn't much matter now, as Bunnie moved out of Miminton just a week after she moved in.

Thankfully, Bunnie allowed Leelee to crash at her pad at least once before she packed her U-Haul and sped off to places unknown. Pretty sweet, eh? You've got to love her mixture of Lovely and Regal furniture plus, er, whatever style the floor and wallpaper are supposed to be.

Well, that's that in regards to this edition of Mimi's Adventures in Miminton. Tune in next week (or sometime around then) to see how Mimi and her pals react to the arrival of both winter and the holiday shopping season.

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Lizzi said...

Oh Octavian AND Bunnie!!! I am so jealous... :(
Momo looks cute (hehe...) I think I like that face the most. BTW: please be a sweetie and confirm my friend-request on PSN ok? :D I just hate to read "Request not confirmed" everytime... :( said...

Don't be too jealous, Lizzi; Bunnie moved out of Leelee's town :( I'm hoping she'll eventually show up in Miminton, though. Fingers crossed!

As for your PSN friend request: Sorry about that. I'll try to remember to do it later today when I'm on my PSP again, OK? Although, honestly, I'm not sure how you accept PSN friend requests! said...

Hello again, Lizzi. Well, it appears I *cant* accept your PSN friend request :( I tried to do so earlier on my PSP, but absolutely couldn't find an option to do so. So, I went into PSN on my computer, and according to Sony, you could only add people as PSN friends through your PS3--which of course I don't have (yet). Sorry about that. Do you want to cancel your request (if that's even possible) until I get a PS3?

Lizzi said...

No I'll wait :)
I guess you'll use the same PSN account on your PS3 so I don't need to change anything. said...

Yes, I'll definitely use the same account. Funny that I can't accept the friend request via PSP. Of course, I can't imagine any PSP games that would allow us to play against each other on line, so maybe that's the reason?

Justin Difazzio said...

Does Mumu keep all her snappers? Does she have a house full of them? Because that would be awesome and creepy. said...

That's a GREAT idea, Justin! Expect to see more about this in the future :)

At the moment, BTW, Mumu has a house that's decorated with Lovely-themed furniture.