Sunday, December 02, 2012

Not-So-Mega Man

Those of you who regularly troll (I mean that in a good way here, I swear) this blog's comments sections may have come across the username "gsilverfish" once in a while.

Well, it appears that gsilverfish is more than just your average blog commenter--he's also a really talented developer of games (including the XBLIG title, Astroman) who goes by the real-life name of Michael Stearns.

Speaking of Michael and his games, he's currently working on getting a rather awesome looking game called Tiny Barbarian DX off the ground via Kickstarter.

Rather than blather on about Tiny Barbarian DX and what it will offer gamers should they succeed in backing the project (which ends in 16 days), I thought I'd just point you to its Kickstarter page and also share this gameplay trailer:

Looks cool, right? I especially like the looks of the game's combo/juggling system, which for various reasons makes me think of a few of Treasure's classics (like Gunstar Heroes and Guardian Heroes). Oh, and of course I just like its looks, too.

Anyway, should you also like the looks (in all manners of speaking) of Tiny Barbarian DX, may I suggest heading over to the game's Kickstarter page sometime between now and 11:30 am EST on Dec. 19?

If you need to hear a bit more about Michael and his in-the-works game before deciding to financially back it, you may also want to check out this recent--and rather interesting, if I do say so myself--interview over at the Erratic Gamer blog.


Lizzi said...


This looks cool and I love the music! said...

Ah, glad you like the looks of it, too, Lizzi! I'm secretly hoping the project will be funded so well he'll put it on XBLA/XBLLIG alongside Astroman and his other games, as I'd prefer to play it that way. Fingers crossed!

Steve Pixel said...

i like it when the the turkey drops on his head said...

Me, too, Steve. I like little touches like that in games :)

michaelstearns said...

Thanks for the mention! :D

You probably already knew from the interview that a Treasure comparison is just about the nicest thing you could possibly say! I try not to be too fanboyish about it these days (a Treasure fanpage was my earliest internet presence!) but they're pretty much my favorite developer. said...

You're very welcome, Michael! I'm pretty fanboyish about Treasure myself--Gunstar Heroes basically turned me into a Genesis fan back in the day, and I still consider it one of the best games of the era. I also love many of the games they've made since, of course--and speaking of which, aren't they working on a game for the 3DS?

Anyway, enough about our mutual Treasure obsessions ... good luck to you with this project. I look forward to see you reach your goal and release the game you and your new fans are dreaming of :)