Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The first thing I did when I turned on my gold Pokémon Center 3DS LL was ...

You might think that the first thing I'd do after getting my new gold Pokémon Center 3DS LL up and running would be to boot up Pokémon X.

In reality, my first move was to head to the Japanese eShop and download the following:

First up was Darumeshi Sports Store, a Japan-only (just for now, I hope) eShop game that reportedly was developed by the same folks who brought the world the Rhythm Tengoku and WarioWare series. Although Darumeshi Sports Store follows in the footsteps of those titles in some ways--at its heart, it's a wacky mini-game collection--in other ways it stands on its own, such as by basing all of its mini-games on the sport of baseball.

Next was Balloon Fight GB, above, a game I'm pretty sure I've mentioned here on at least a few occasions. If not, it's the colorized version of Balloon Fight's sort-of sequel, Balloon Kid, which didn't hit Japan until a decade after everyone else in the world got it (and even then it only received a digital release).

Finally, there's the Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 demo--which, sadly, has yet to be played. I've been looking forward to experiencing this adorable rhythm game for ages, though, so I can guarantee it won't sit unused on my LL's menu screen for long.

Don't worry, I've also put in some time with Pokémon X and even Sayonara Umihara Kawase--a game I bought a while ago but couldn't get to until now.

Although they'll be undeniably "late to the party," look for impressions of both games to be shared here in the coming days.

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