Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who wants a Charizard-branded 3DS LL when you can have a Charizard GameBoy instead?

OK, so it's extremely possible I'm alone when it comes to preferring the custom-painted system below to the official one that was released in Japan late last year.

Of course, I've always appreciated dramatic-looking consoles, and this Charizard-branded GameBoy certainly fits that bill.

As for who's responsible for this colorful concoction, that would be artist and blogger Oskunk, of

The backside of this particular GameBoy is nearly as beautiful as its front, in my opinion--although I think it would look even better with copy of Pokémon Red stuck into it, don't you think?

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Kensloth said...

I would absolutely take that over the LL. That's awesome! said...

OK, I had to look up Venonat after reading your comment, Justin. Does that make me a bad Pokemon fan? Anyway, now that I've seen it, I think I have to agree!